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Bad Couples

Nicola Pecoraro - Bad Couples
“The book consists of a series of repeated gestures, often neglected and/or obliterated. Hastily drawn expressionistic heads and faces inspired by grotesques, caricatures, cosmic characters, urban nowheres, classical sculptures, and personal experience. Also there are a couple of abstracts obtusely rendered with marker pen, which integrate in the open narrative structure. The aim is to create psychedelic melancholia. I try to keep a balance between the crudely drawn and the more soft stuff, like being on an abandoned traffic island surrounded by lush vegetation.”
Nicola Pecoraro
Published on the occasion of the exhibition Bad Couples at fette's gallery, Los Angeles, May 30th – July 5th, 2008.
Born 1978 in Rome, Nicola Pecoraro lives and works in Rome and London.
published in 2008
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19,5 x 25,5 cm (softcover)
12 pages (13 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-905714-49-4
EAN : 9783905714494
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Bad Couples Bad Couples Bad Couples

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