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Apollon et VulcainLes marchés artistiques en Italie (1400-1700)

Apollon et Vulcain Guido Guerzoni - Apollon et Vulcain
A pioneering and masterly study of the history of art markets in Italy (covering the fields of painting and scultpure, but also architecture, applied arts and performing arts), which demonstrates the possibility of an economic history of art linking social or political mechanisms and symbolic or patrimonial issues.
Edited by Philippe Sénéchal.
Foreword by d'Enrico Stumpo.
Translated from the Italian by Sylvie Taussig (original title: Apollo e Vulcano. I mercati artistici in Italia (1400­-1700), Venice, Marsilio, 2006).
published in November 2011
French edition
17 x 20 cm (softcover)
512 pages
ISBN : 978-2-84066-286-0
EAN : 9782840662860
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Apollon et Vulcain Apollon et Vulcain Apollon et Vulcain

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