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Calendar 2024

Beni Bischof - Calendar 2024
Beni Bischof's 2024 calendar.
An artist with a production that is as dense as it is eclectic, Beni Bischof is afraid of nothing. Paintings, collages, sculptures, photomontages, drawings and writings populate a world where the absurd, the tragi-comic and provocation go hand in hand. This 2024 calendar offers 13 images by the artist to enjoy seeing the days and months of the year 2024 scroll by.
Limited edition of 365 copies.
Born 1976, Beni Bischof lives and works in St. Gallen. It all started when he began publishing laser-copied artist's magazines in 2005 as an independent means of distributing his drawings, collages, and texts. The speed of production suited his impetuous, prolific output. It was not long before he found an additional, three-dimensional outlet for his obsessions by adding sculpture, painting, and installations to his repertoire. Often using everyday objects, Bischof creates bizarre objects whose coherence he reinforces with plaster and paint. He applies similar techniques of combining, reassembling, and reworking to images appropriated from fashion magazines, trivial literature, LP covers, and the like, overpainting them and modifying them digitally or even mechanically.
Beni Bischof was awarded the St. Gallen Manor Art Prize for the year 2015.
published in January 2024
no text
21 x 29,7 cm
14 pages (ill.)
in stock
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