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Benoit Platéus - Open
Marker or pen in hand, Benoit Platéus captures the small events of his everyday life or sudden ideas which could become works. This artist's book gathers an intuitive selection in this flow, which oscillates between the acuity of caricature and the abandon of automatic writing. Incisive and very funny, this set of drawings reveals the regressive and lucid insolence the poetic universe of Benoit Platéus's work contains.
Benoit Platéus (born in 1972, Chênée, lives and works in Brussels), winner of the ‘Young Belgian Painting' in 2003, is one of the most important Belgian artists of his generation. His work doesn't neglect any medium – photography, video, drawing or sculpture – in order to search for ambiguities in the most mundane field of visibility. Restless observer, precise, discrete and malicious, Benoit Platéus introduces a distance between objects and their perception in order to shift them to the other side, in a space with variable dimensions and multiple interpretations.
Edited by Anne Pontégnie.
published in 2008
trilingual edition (English / Dutch / French)
13 x 18,5 cm (softcover, dust jacket)
288 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-84066-258-7
EAN : 9782840662587
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