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Double Pendulum (vinyl LP)

Nickolas Mohanna - Double Pendulum (vinyl LP)
Double Pendulum is a selection of new material from NY-based artist/composer Nickolas Mohanna. Using a varied palette of percussive devices alongside the electric guitar and computer, hammered notes flutter into brushed cymbals to create pulsing and immersive shapes.
These forms unfold from a graphic score that was used to influence the process; the lines and color of the image merge with a jutting collage of guitar thumbing and dismantled orchestral strings, giving a structural framework for the five largely improvisational pieces.
Nickolas Mohanna is an artist and composer based in New York. His interdisciplinary practice employs a variety of media to explore and blur the borders between music, sound and sculpture. Many of these works are produced with little or no hardware but with environmental sounds, the portals of the Internet. He has released numerous experimental recordings, on labels such as Karlrecords, Preservation/Longform Editions (AU) and Aagoo (US). He is also the founder of the publishing project Run/Off; with which he has collaborated with many visual artists, composers and writers.
Mastered by Rashad Becker at Clunk, Berlin.
Graphic design: The Spiral.
Cover Image Scan 11 by NMO.
published in November 2023
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