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L'odyssée du 0 m.

Paul-Armand Gette - L\'odyssée du 0 m.
This catalogue offers a journey—an odyssey—through the work of Paul-Armand Gette, with the "0m." as a common thread, the manifesto gesture that has punctuated the artist's universe since 1974.
Paul Armand Gette was born in Lyon in 1927. After an early career in industry, he decided to turn, in the early 1960s, to an artistic career, using his knowledge of botany and geology that he introduced into the space of art. An unclassifiable artist, he plays with categories, blurring the boundaries between natural science, literature, poetry, mythology and art history. Painting, sculpture, photography, text, all mediums are convened to propose us a singular reading of the world which surrounds us.
Edited by Laurent Cauwet.
Texts by Lydie Rekow-Fond and Paul-Armand Gette.
published in November 2023
French edition
20 x 29 cm (softcover)
176 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37896-484-9
EAN : 9782378964849
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