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Cahiers mésozoaires #01 – Synergies – La recherche artistique participative

 - Cahiers mésozoaires #01
The challenges of participatory artistic research.
Works by Marielle Agboton, Sophie Daste, Jasmin Delisle, The Estate of Lee Lozano, Gimmig, David Poullard, Marie Preston, Emil Ouroumov, Peter Sinclair, Michael Speers, Alban Van Wanssenhove.
Cahiers mésozoaires is a transdisciplinary journal published by the École supérieure d'art d'Aix-en-Provence. Directed by an international scientific and artistic committee, it publishes twice a year the proceedings of arts-sciences events where practices, theories, activisms and citizens' lives come together. 
Edited by Barbara Satre and Peter Sinclairl.
Texts by Jean Cristofol, Sophie Daste, Julie De Muer, Fabrice Gallis, François Millet, Céline Ohrel, Ludmila Postel, Marie Preston, Vincent Puig, Barbara Satre, Peter Sinclair, Camille Vandaele.

Conception graphique : David Poullard.
published in February 2024
French edition
112 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 979-10-93563-29-9
EAN : 9791093563299
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