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La traversée de ma bibliothèque

Luca Merlini - La traversée de ma bibliothèque
An adventure book, written and drawn, by Luca Merlini that takes us closer to the creative process of the architect and the parallel that can be drawn with literature, highlighting the question of the book and its intimate relationship to architecture.
"There are some enterprises in which careful disorder is the true method." (Herman Melville, Moby Dick).
How does one inhabit a book? What kind of space do you build in your head when you come out of reading a novel? The question of the relationship between architecture and literature has often been asked. Is this just another work that relates to it? No, because this is an adventure book, written and drawn. A sort of Indiana Jones adventure: what kind of architectural jungle do you find yourself in, when you walk through a library? It is a journey that involves going back and forth, drifting and going to places beyond the reading. It is a crossing that gives a spatial point of view on the reading of books, which here becomes a new type of architectural walk.
The book also raises the question of representation and the tool of drawing as a constructive element in architecture. Readings generate mental images capable of influencing and accompanying architects in the construction of spaces.
Luca Merlini is an architect born in 1952 in Mendrisio (Switzerland).
Edited by Claudia Mion.
Preface by Carlotta Darò.

Graphic design: Spassky Fischer.
published in January 2024
French edition
16 x 30 cm (softcover)
104 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-493283-19-1
EAN : 9782493283191
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