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Volume ! #19-2 – Common Grounds – Ethnomusicology and Popular Music Studies

 - Volume ! #19-2
This issue explores the crossroads, contacts and contrasts between two fields of musical knowledge: ethnomusicology and popular music studies.
When ethnomusicology tackles music that is produced in recording studios in both the North and the South, when queer performances venture into Asturian folklore, when bureaucracies produce world music, when raggadub and punk from Marseille are observed from the radios, restaurants and streets they have stemmed from, when Mandingo music is analyzed as a mainstream media trend that transforms local African scenes, "common grounds" surface that renew the way we question music.
Volume! The French journal of popular music studies is the only peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the study of contemporary popular music. It is published biannually by the Editions Mélanie Seteun, a publishing association specialized in popular music. The journal is in French with some non-translated articles in English.
Volume! was established in 2002 under the title Copyright Volume! by Gérôme Guibert, Marie-Pierre Bonniol and Samuel Etienne, and obtained its current name in 2008.
Edited by Marta Amico and Emmanuel Parent.
Contributions by Marta Amico & Emmanuel Parent, Rémi Boivin, Alfonso Castellanos, Anna Cuomo, Llorián García Flórez & Sílvia Martínez García, Julie Oleksiak, Emmanuelle Olivier, Catherine Rudent, Jean-Christophe Sevin, Martin Stokes.
published in May 2023
texts in English and French
21 x 21 cm (softcover)
208 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-913169-70-8
EAN : 9782913169708
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