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Imaginary Island Music Vol.2Ascension (vinyl LP)

Lagoss - Imaginary Island Music Vol.2
Sophomore album from Tenerife based trio Lagoss (Gonçalo F. Cardoso, Mladen Kurajica and Daniel García), moving away from their megamix vignette based first volume to experiment with a more song based approach whilst still keeping their trademark jam infused tropicalia and electronic freak outs with an offering to their 1970's sci-fi masters—enter the lift to the stars.
First proposed by Russian rocket scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and taken to mystical literary heights by Arthur C. Clark in his 1979 book Fountains of Paradise, the concept of a space lift takes a spiritual turn here, with Lagoss chronicling its construction, right here and there on a near future version of their Island of Tenerife, in the Canary Archipelago.
The album moves freely through ideas and moods akin to the world imagined by Arthur C. Clarke. It conveys a new story by sonically imagining future civilizations in a faux ethnographical exercise whilst exploring current ideas of technology, religion and alternative history by creating its own particular insular sound world.
The album counts with the participation of dear friends such as a synth solo by Spencer Clark (Monopoly Child Star Searchers et all.) and a punchy, full blown remix by Muqata'a. Altogether creating a unique collection of eerie musical moments made of sub tropical moods and cyber exotica jams from a band that keeps growing and evolving into their very own personal sound. Enter Tenerife in the late 21st Century, meet the Aquachachos and Guayechi, and ascend!
Lagoss is a band comprised of Tenerife based veteran producers Gonçalo F. Cardoso, Mladen Kurajica and Daniel García.

See also Gonçalo F. Cardoso.
published in June 2023
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