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As Above, So Below (vinyl LP)

Delphine Dora - As Above, So Below (vinyl LP)
Recital presents As Above, So Below, a new album from French multi-instrumentalist Delphine Dora, centered around mystic piano and voice recordings.
Over the past decade, from poetry reading, chansons, organ performances, tape compositions and so on, each album in Dora's lush discography feels like a feather from a different bird. A keen ability to defy any singular "sound," always diving to different depths.
As Above, So Below centers around mystic piano and voice recordings. In a distinct gothic landscape, each of the nine tracks float into one another. From verdant piano works that revolve like beautifully stretched out miniatures, expanding and bending like shadows across the floor, to foggy vocal arrangements hovering above beds of rural field recordings. Quiet synthesizers crawl in the backdrops, never disturbing the spirit of the piano motions.
On the track "Cantique spirituel," Dora, from a cloud of her phantasmal caroling, recites a poem by German author Novalis (1772-1801). "Blindly we strayed in night's confusion…" This poetic essence is found throughout the album… "gladness and grief alike consume."
As Above, So Below was produced and mixed by the brilliant British musician Andrew Chalk, whose presence tints the air throughout Dora's album. Chalk ornaments the pieces with additional instrumentation, along with Jean Noël Rebilly playing clarinet.
Pianist, vocalist, improviser, composer, and founder of the Wild Silence label, French artist Delphine Dora has been actively creating music since 2005 — releasing several records on French and international labels, notably, three:four records, Okraïna Records, Feeding Tube Records, Fort Evil Fruit, and Bezirk Tapes.
published in May 2023
sold out
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