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Guernica / Ukraine

Jean-Pierre Raynaud - Guernica / Ukraine
A complete light on the unpublished work given by Jean-Pierre Raynaud to Ukraine, a modern version of Picasso's Guernica, a universal symbol of the denunciation by art of the horrors of war, whose exact monumental dimensions the French conceptual artist now takes up in order to realize, almost a century later, the counterpart according to his own aesthetic codes.
Edition of 2022 numbered copies (limited to the first printing; hand-stamped covers), commemorating the year 2022, the beginning of Ukrainian resistance to Russian invasion.
Profits from sales are donated to Ukraine.
Jean-Pierre Raynaud (born 1939) is a French artist. Close to the New Realists, he develops a work around the object initiated with a series of prohibitory traffic signs. The flowerpot and the ceramic tile then became recurring motifs in his work.
published in September 2023
French edition
35 x 45 cm (hardcover, cardboard cover)
72 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37229-052-4
EAN : 9782372290524
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