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Dyvik Kahlen In PracticeVilla Ruba

Dyvik Kahlen - Dyvik Kahlen In Practice
For the fourth book in the In Practice series, Dyvik Kahlen architects explore the design process of the Villa Ruba, located near Utrecht.
Together with Fabrizio Ballabio, they develop the compositional research related to the historic typology of the villa and to the specificities of the sloping park in which it is located, and reveal how Virtual Reality is used to investigate the spatiality of the project before its realization on the construction site. Additional contributions evoke the role of annotation as a design tool, the ambivalence of a classical and vernacular project, and the entanglement of contemporary architecture with pop culture.
The In Practice series explores the multiple ways in which architects can engage their professional architecture practice in academic research and reciprocally. In Practice seeks to open a space for architecture practices in research through the development of methodologies, conferences, publications and studios.
Christopher Dyvik and Max Kahlen founded Dyvik Kahlen Architects in 2010 after graduating together at the Architectural Association in London the year earlier. Since 2020, the practice is based in Porto and Palma, working internationally and transcending a variety of scales from furniture to exhibition design, interiors and buildings. Their main aspiration is to create good spaces that improve the quality of life of those who inhabit them. Underlying their work is a desire to create objects and spaces that are comfortable and strangely familiar, as much as a fascination for rational and neutral form. They regularly contribute to academic discourse as critics and lecturers.
Edited by Harold Fallon, Benoît Vandenbulcke, Benoît Burquel.
Texts by Fabrizio Ballabio, Benoît Burquel, Benoît Vandenbulcke, Christopher Dyvik, Max Kahlen, Emma Letizia Jones, Pieterjan Ginckels, Monika Pattern, Kong DJ, Thomas Weaver, Harold Fallon.
published in October 2023
English edition
17 x 24 cm (softcover)
192 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-9-4639-3930-0
EAN : 9789463939300
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