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Presque Rien n°1Le lever du jour au bord de la mer – 1967-70

Luc Ferrari - Presque Rien n°1
Historical pictures, texts, indications about project, list of recorded sounds, full edit plan & manuscript facsimile of the piece achieved by the composer at Deutsche Grammophon studios in 1970 in Hannover, from the recordings dated July 1967 in Vela Luka, Croatia.
"Following the total disappearance of abstract sounds, this piece could be considered a sonic photographic slide, the outcome of a whole evolutionary process.
The most faithful and realistic reminiscence possible of a fishing village at dawn. First conceptions about minimalism."
Luc Ferrari
Co-founder of the Groupe de Recherche Musicales in Paris (GRM) with Pierre Schaeffer in 1958, Luc Ferrari (1929-2005) is a pioneer and a major figure of musique concrète and electroacoustic music, soon to pave his own path of individualistic expressions of minimalist music, musical theater, field recordings, orchestral music and soundtracks.
Edited by Maxime Barthélemy.
Texts by Luc Ferrari and Brunhild Ferrari.
published in 2018
bilingual edition (English / French)
24 x 32 cm (spiral bound)
37 pages
ISBN : 978-2-37166-058-8
EAN : 9782371660588
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