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Toon! (vinyl LP)

Jonathan Scherk - Toon! (vinyl LP)
Jonathan Scherk's first solo LP immerses us in a highly distinctive world of plunderphonics-sampledelica-variations acousmatiques that's impossible to classify while feeling familiar nonetheless. Following a strict two-minute format, thirteen complex sound constructions offer a range of experiences—as if the neurosciences had developed an acoustic formula capable of triggering illusions of memory.
When department stores dream ... epiphanies appear in elliptical rotations. Afterthoughts recalled on the beach as a child, soft-drawn and befuddling. Are they dreams? Are they metempsychotic leakage? With cup so full-brim, there's bound to be spillage. Toon! is sleeping on-your-feet, in the light. The pleasure must be more than belletristic, but what's left to say? Perhaps the sun is simply too bright.
Samuel Dzierzawa / Jan Jelinek
Jonathan Scherk is a Canadian musician hail from the post-rock and experimental scene in Vancouver. His music and sound work address both the highly technical and the highly sensory, generating simultaneously luminous, digital and introspective landscapes.
published in November 2022
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