Michael Cline

In his work, Michael Cline (*1973, Cape Canaveral, FL, lives in New York) portrays scenes of a contemporary fable. Stemming from his interest in faith and the American Dream, he depicts America on a perpetual journey of self-discovery, endlessly constructing utopias in an attempt to realize a perfect union with the individual, the group, or a god. Examples of this journey might include teachings found in various evangelical and occult faiths. With a style reminiscent of George Grosz and Pierre Klossowski, Cline paints what seem to be disenfranchized groups and individuals in search of a meaningful existence. Executed with pristine innocence and a quirky folksiness, Cline's canvases are dreamily dystopian, using pastel tones and chaste illustration to depict instances of violence, sex, or subtle horror.
Michael Cline -
English edition
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First monograph.

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