Elitza Dulguerova

Elitza Dulguerova is a lecturer in theory and history of contemporary art at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her research focuses on the historical avant-garde, on the social history of art in Russia/USSR and, in parallel, on the exhibition as an artistic and public issue in modern and contemporary art.
Elitza Dulguerova - Usages et utopies - L\'exposition dans l\'avant-garde russe prérévolutionnaire (1900-1916)
French edition
Les presses du réel – Art History – Œuvres en sociétés
Uses and Utopias – The Exhibition in the Pre-Revolutionary Russian Avant-Garde: an essay on the exhibition practice in Russia in the years 1910-1920, and in particular on the relationship between exhibition and public space in the projects of the historical avant-gardes.
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