Scott Myles

The œuvre of Scottish artist Scott Myles (born 1975) is strongly gestural. It consists of photographs, objects, serigraphs, paintings, and performance-based projects, a kind of reactivation of ideas on the valuation of art and social reality by means of the reuse of already established aesthetic codes. Thus, along with known art-historical works and their themes, concepts such as generosity or communication play a big role and, with this, the involvement of the subject in his/her own environment. Myles' works, however, also always deal with his experience as an artist, with the role of the viewer, and a certain openly avowed romanticism vis-à-vis the values and the works he reactivates. Along with this is a high degree of fictionalization and, included in these fictions, the potential for producing art.
Scott Myles -
bilingual edition (English / German)
JRP|Editions - Monographs
First monograph: a comprehensive look into the Scottish artist's production.

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