Luca Monterastelli

Luca Monterastelli (born 1983 in Forlimpopoli) develops an entirely individual, contemporary, sculptural vocabulary. His sculptures often consist of vertical, vaguely anthropomorphic forms, which create formal paradoxes that encourage the viewer to explore the work from up close. Monterastelli's abstract sculptures form an accumulation of geometric entities that each contain multiple, potential meanings. Aside from this playful formal language, his work is defined by his bold, robust choice of materials. Monterastelli clearly has a unique sense of materials and the mystery they evoke. As a spectator, one often does not know what material one is looking at. Is it cement or marble, limestone or linen?

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Luca Monterastelli - Pardon Façade
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
Lenz Press
Pardon Façade documents the artistic output of Luca Monterastelli, showcasing almost all of the sculptures and installations that he produced between 2011 and 2022.
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