Steve Noble

Steve Noble is an English drummer, percussionist and improviser. He studied with Nigeria master drummer Elkan Ogunde and in the early 1980s was a member of Rip Rig and Panic, touring extensively throughout Europe and England. Since then he has worked in a variety of musical contexts but has been extensively involved in improvised music through work with a wide range of musicians, including Derek Bailey, Matthew Shipp, Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith, Stephen O'Malley, Joe McPhee, Alex Ward, Rhodri Davies, Keiji Haino, Martin Küchen, Ikue Mori, Lol Coxhill, Maya Dunietz, Peter Brötzmann, Evan Parker, John Butcher and many more.
Steve Noble - AND (vinyl LP)
(last copies available!)
A surprising trio, initiated by Derek Bailey: Pat Thomas is here on electronics and Steve Noble, an outstanding drummer, plays only turntables. One of Derek Bailey's most abstract records.

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