Nils Bertho

Nils Bertho (born 1987 in Montpellier), a French artist with a degree in Fine Arts, passionate about underground culture, prolific and compulsive drawer, with a meticulous line, tells with the finest tip of his Rotrings stories charged with tension through hybrid characters indulging in rituals as absurd as they are esoteric. Regularly published and exhibited by the magazine HEY ! or the gallery Arts Factory, his singular universe is part of the great tradition of the French outsider scene also defended by Le Dernier Cri.

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Nils Bertho - Passion Chevals - Tome 3
French edition
Lendroit éditions
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The indispensable equine bible by Nils Bertho, illustrator allergic to horses, is back for a third (and final?) edition.
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