Considered as one of the great underground and "outsider" drawing artists, a major figure of the punk and anarchist graphzine scene, Y5/P5 (Frédéric Renault, born 1961) collaborated with the Bazooka collective but never belonged to any group. He produced himself many graphzines (Press-Book, Jim Bones), participated in many others (Au Sec', Chacal Puant, Hopital Brut, Crimsex, Peltex, etc.)and even had the honor of the cover in the US magazine Raw Vision. He also produced many illustrations on coasters, much sought-after by fans of counter-culture drawings but difficult to find.
 Y5/P5 - Sous-bocks
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United Dead Artists
Legend of the graphzine and the graphzone, Y5/P5 draws zombies, skeletons, ghost trains, nightmare memories, rubber spiders in the subways at night. This book gathers his famous drawings on coasters, which he often made for a beer or a few cigarettes.

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