Dieter Lesage

Dieter Lesage (born 1966) is a Belgian philosopher, writer and critic. A Professor of Philosophy, Politics and Arts at the Department of Audiovisual and Performing Arts Rits (Erasmus University College Brussels) and a Professor of Art Criticism at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, he is the author of numerous books on contemporary art and the relationship between art and politics.
Dieter Lesage - (SIC) - Art, Research and Politics – Essays in curatorial Criticism (1999-2014)
English edition
(SIC) - (SIC) magazine
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“Livre VI” of the (SIC) journal takes the form of a book by Dutch-speaking Belgian philosopher Dieter Lesage (director of RITS | School of Arts). “Art, Research and Politics. Essays in Curatorial Criticism (1999-2014)” spans fifteen years of Lesage's critical interventions in the field of art, politics, and culture, analyzing and unraveling curatorial rhetorics and strategies which during that period marked the so-called art world.

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