Giovanni Di Domenico

Pianist, performer and composer Giovanni Di Domenico (born 1977 in Rome, lives and works in Brussels) has carved a deep path through a diverse number of discrete fields within experimental music, working in various ensembles—Abschattungen, AufHeben, Bonjintan, Cement Shoes, Delivery Health, Going, etc.—as well as producing a discography of critically heralded solo efforts, and intimate collaborations with Jim O'Rourke, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Akira Sakata, Arve Henriksen, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Alexandra Grimal, Nate Wooley, Chris Corsano, and others. Di Domenico has founded his own label, Silent Water, home of an eclectic and occasionally unclassifiable production.

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Giovanni Di Domenico - Decay Music n. 4 - Downtown Ethnic Music (vinyl LP)
Art centers, museums, galleries & varia
Binding a deep social and political conscious with rigorous musical experimentation, the Brussels based, Italian pianist, performer, composer, Giovanni Di Domenico, delivers Downtown Ethnic Music, the 4th instalment of Die Schachtel's Decay Music series, focused on inspired contemporary experimental efforts in the ambient, ethereal, and emotively abstract music.
Giovanni Di Domenico - Treatments (2 vinyl LP)
Matière Mémoire
Italian pianist, performer and composer Giovanni Di Domenico presents 4 new pieces in collaboration with Eiko Ishibashi, Jim O'Rourke, Joe Talia and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto.

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