Philip Corner

Philip Corner (born 1933 in New York) is an American composer. His interdisciplinary works have been performed throughout the world and he is also active as a performer, visual artist and writer. He has participated in various concerts, exhibitions and festivals with the name Fluxus since 1961, served as a resident composer and musician to the Judson Dance Theater and collaborated with the Experimental Intermedia Foundation in New York. He co-founded several ensembles (the Tone Roads Chamber Ensemble, Malcolm Goldstein and James Tenne; Sounds Out of Silent Spaces, with Julie Winter; Gamelan Son of Lion, with Barbara Benary and Daniel Goode). His publications include the book I Can Walk Through the World as Music (1966, unpublished; 1980, Printed Editions).
Philip Corner - Deutsche Bundesbahn (vinyl LP)
Edition Telemark
currently out of stock
Two previously unreleased recordings from Philip Corner's "Gong/Ear" series of works. Side A was recorded on a South German night train ride in 1990, side B in the Alps in 1994.

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