Philip Corner

Philip Corner (born 1933 in New Yok) is an American composer, trombonist, alphornist, vocalist, pianist, music theorist, music educator, and visual artist. He was a founding participant of Fluxus since 1961, was a resident composer and musician with the Judson Dance Theatre from 1962 to 1964 and later with the Experimental Intermedia Foundation. He co-founded with Malcolm Goldstein and James Tenney the Tone Roads Chamber Ensemble in 1963, with Julie Winter Sounds Out of Silent Spaces in 1972 and with Barbara Benary and Daniel Goode, Gamelan Son of Lion in 1976.
Philip Corner - Deutsche Bundesbahn (vinyl LP)
Edition Telemark
currently out of stock
Two previously unreleased recordings from Philip Corner's "Gong/Ear" series of works. Side A was recorded on a South German night train ride in 1990, side B in the Alps in 1994.

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