Stéphane Vigny

By repeated application of collection and reuse, Stéphane Vigny (born 1977, lives and works in Paris) has developed a sculptural practice of assemblage. With the association of préexistant forms, this way of making sculpture is based on the idea that any preformed material, wherever it comes from, is potentially usable. Sometimes playing on the over-sizing and sometimes on the under-sizing, he associates gestures, techniques, materiels and know-how by emphasizing the fertile but also dissonant use of patterns and shapes as well as the assimilation of objects from fields other than art. Stéphane Vigny's curiosity for heterogeneity offers him a field of endless experimentation and discovery that he likes to constantly explore.

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Stéphane Vigny - Plaire
bilingual edition (English / French)
Art centers, museums, galleries & varia
Stéphane Vigny's first monograph, conceived as an object with several levels of reading, as well as the sculptures of the artist.

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