Michael Taussig

Michael Taussig is anthropologist and professor at the Columbia University (New York).
Michael Taussig - I Swear I Saw This - Sur quelques dessins de carnets de terrain
French edition
(SIC) - Vase
In I Swear I Saw This, Michael Taussig highlights the heuristic function of the sketches and drawings made by the ethnographer in his notebooks.
Michael Taussig - Becoming Palm
English edition
Sternberg Press - History, Criticism and Theory
sold out
Becoming Palm is the outcome of a conversation between two friends, artist Simryn Gill and anthropologist Michael Taussig, addressing the complexities of palm oil and “the enormous transformations, human, and ecological, that this crop engenders” (Taussig) in two disparate geographical locations, Southeast Asia and South America.

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