Eric Thielemans

Belgian drummer Eric Thielemans is one of the most idiosyncratic figures in Belgian music, someone who not only demonstrates that special musicians always seek out (and find) their own place, but above all that they always remain students of the art of questioning and listening. No musician better illustrates the difference between playing music and playing with music than percussionist Eric Thielemans. He gets to the heart of the matter with an at times extremely minimalist approach, but on the other hand he frequently relies on a range of objects beyond the regular drum kit: a drum placed on its side, a bicycle wheel with a bow, hands and the body.

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Eric Thielemans - Double Consciousness (vinyl LP)
Matière Mémoire
A session recorded live December 9, 2021 at Werkplaats Walter, Brussels (Oren Ambarchi: guitar & audobon bird call; Eric Thielemans: drums & percussion).
Eric Thielemans - ਚੈਨਲKAANALचैनलRÁÐעָרוּץ - Godbear Series 004 (vinyl LP)
Matière Mémoire
An original meeting, powerful and explosive, between Charlemagne Palestine, Eric Thielemans and Oren Ambarchi.
Eric Thielemans - A New Score for Koyaanisqatsi (vinyl LP)
Sub Rosa
Dark-folk songwriter Chantal Acda and beyond drums-percussion musician extraordinaire Eric Thielemans propose, after Phillip Glass, a new score for Koyaanisqatsi, re-actualising the incredibly beautiful, raw, rhythmic and touching images of this 80-ties cinematographic masterpiece.
Eric Thielemans - P V T (vinyl LP)
Matière Mémoire
In October 2013, Charlemagne Palestine, Mika Vainio and Eric Thielemans got together for the first time, meeting each other at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels, for a 4 day residency and 2 live performances. The music of the residency takes, edited by Thielemans, mixed and mastered by Frederic Allstadt, is now released on Matière Mémoire and Godbear, Charlemagne Palestine's archival music label.

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