Takis (born 1925 in Athens, lives and works in Paris) set about exploring magnetic field energy in his work. Working in proximity with his contemporaries of the New Realism movement, he integrated light and music in combination with the use of magnets into his sculptural practice. A tireless experimenter and “intuitive savant”, Takis has continuously sought to capture cosmic energy by combining art and science. As a contemporary plastician, his work is grounded in a sculptural tradition that spans archaic Greek sculpture and Giacometti on the one hand and the rejects of technology on the other. Fascinated by the “scientific magic” at the core of inventions (he even registered a number of industrial patents), Takis is also a science philosopher, regularly drawing inspiration from the great ancestors of pre-Socratic philosophy, Hippocratic medicine, and Ancient Egypt.
 Takis - Les Fleurs poussent si on les regarde - Limited edition
French edition
Jannink - L'art en écrit
Unpublished text with an original silkscreen print signed by the artist.
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