Gregory Buchakjian

Gregory Buchakjian (born 1971 in Beirut, where he lives and works) is an art historian and photographer. PhD graduate at Université Paris IV Sorbonne, he is assistant professor at Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) where he co-founded, with Pierre Hage-Boutros and Rana Haddad, Atelier de Recherche ALBA (1997-2004), a transdisciplinary platform that triggered public interventions in issues such as memory and space appropriation. His research and publications focus on modern and contemporary art in Lebanon and the Arab world.

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Gregory Buchakjian - Habitats abandonnés - Une histoire de Beyrouth
French edition
Kaph Books
In a rapidly changing Beirut, neglected dwellings are condemned to disappear as a result of land speculation. This multi-layered transdisciplinary project aims at examining the transformations that these obsolete architectures undergo. The study, carried on site, based on archives, testimonies and oral history, also proposes new artistic perspectives towards the city.

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