Boris Achour

Boris Achour (born 1966 in Marseille, lives and works in Paris) is a French artist. He also teaches at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts in Cergy. His work is characterized by its heterogeneity and its conceptual interest in the notions of fragment, unity, and connection.
He has exhibited at the Museo Experimental El Eco in Mexico (2016), the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (2016), the Allen Gallery, Paris (2016), the Venice Biennale (2015), the Centre Pompidou (2015), the MACVAL (2015)…

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Boris Achour - ABC B.A
bilingual edition (English / French)
This monograph presents a collection of texts and critical essays taking the form of an alphabet primer. Twelve art critics, curators or writers chose a keyword as starting point to write a commentary on Boris Achour's practice. The publication also includes an iconographic documentation offering an overview of the artist's works.
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