Thierry Chancogne

Thierry Chancogne is a teacher and theoretician of graphic design, co-founder of the online journal Tombolo, and of the publishing association Tombolo Presses.
Thierry Chancogne - Le Gobelet de cristal
French edition
Tombolo Presses
A search for the founding narratives of graphic design and typography (as there were such narratives in antiquity about art, painting, and sculpture) among Atlantist type designers of the 1930s, starting with the American typographer Beatrice Warde.
Thierry Chancogne - Histoire du graphisme avant la modernité en trois temps et cinq mouvements - Premier temps. Avant l\'écriture – Premier mouvement. Muthôs
French edition
(last copies available!)
An history of graphic design before modernity: this first volume is a transdisciplinary collection of documents recording the existence of graphic design before the development of the written form.
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