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Francis Meslet

A graduate in Design from the École des Beaux-Arts de Nancy in 1986, early in his career Francis Meslet was a designer, but soon turned to advertising when he joined several advertising agencies as an artistic director. After thirty years spent questioning the creative concept and studying images in all his compositions, he is now a creative director. Francis Meslet wears several hats; he is notably a renowned photographer— a key figure in the “UrbEx” (Urban Eploration) movement—who does not hesitate to roam the world in his spare time, searching for abandoned sites, sanctuaries where time seems to have stopped after humans have evacuated them. He thus brings back captivating and melancholic images of his travels to the other side of the world.
In these deserted places, no more than the rustling of the wind can be heard through a broken window or the sound of water dripping from a dilapidated ceiling. These silences nonetheless invite the spectator to slip into these well-guarded and mysterious places captured by the photographer and attempt to bring to life that which has been forgotten. In this power station orders were shouted in German, in this French Catholic school the cries of children resounded to the sound of the bell but who can imagine the sounds hidden behind the walls of this old psychiatric asylum in Italy or on the docks of this abandoned island off Japan? From these silences, everyone can imagine their own interpretations/reinterpretations.

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Francis Meslet - Mind Travels (+ CD)
bilingual edition (English / French)
Ici, d'ailleurs… - Mind Travels (books)
Photographic book celebrating the collaboration between the “UrbEx” photographer Francis Meslet and the “Mind Travels” Series—a series of albums dedicaded to ambient, neo-classical, and industrial music produced by French music label Ici, d'ailleurs. Meslet's photographs of abandoned places give a special echo to the musical approach of the series. The publication is sold with an audio compilation of selected musical pieces taken in the “Mind Travels” Series.

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