Eric Bachmann

Born in Zurich, Eric Bachmann (1940-2019) starts his photographic career in 1956 at the legendary photo studio Meiner, where he completes a three-year apprenticeship. During this time, the photo studio Meiner, well-known for its stylish portaits of Zurich's high-end society, begins to experience financial troubles. Eric Bachmann is one of the last employees to leave the studio and has a hard time demanding his last salary of 60 Swiss francs.
From 1959 on, Eric Bachmann takes part in setting up the photographic department of the Swiss National Television and Radio SF DRS. He however quits the fixed position in 1962 to work as a free lance photographer.
From 1963 to 2001, Bachmann travels around the world, visiting the five continents for countless photo reportages. He publishes in magazines, journals and books, and holds photographic exhibitions about Shetland, Leningrad, the movement in 1968 and the Gränicher woods. During this time, Eric Bachmann also cooperates regularly with the Swiss Radio and Televison SF DRS.

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Eric Bachmann - Casa Verdi
bilingual edition (English / German)
Edition Patrick Frey
In 1981, photographer Eric Bachmann and journalist Christian Kämmerling made a report on the Casa Verdi, a retirement home for musicians and opera singers founded in Milan by the Italian composer. This volume includes Kämmerling's text, Bachmann's photographic archives, and detailed biographies of the retired musicians who lived at the venerable institution.
Eric Bachmann - Muhammad Ali, Zurich, 26.12.1971
English edition
Edition Patrick Frey
The legendary fight between Muhammad Ali and Jürgen Blin in Zurich, covered by the photographer Eric Bachmann.

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