Emanuel Röhss

Emanuel Röhss (born 1985 inGothenburg, Sweden, lives and works in London) is a multi-disciplinary artist, working through sculpture, painting and installation with a particular focus on site specificity. His practice interrogates and extrapolates the relationship between art and architecture, functionality and aesthetics. There is a parallel trajectory in Röhss' work, to the Duchampian ready-made, that explores agendas of appropriation and facsimile.

(external link : www.emanuelrohss.com)
Emanuel Röhss - Location Scout
English edition
Cura. - Cura.books
Location Scout is an artist's book by Emanuel Röhss conceived as part of a 2015 project that addresses the interrelation between the Ennis House built by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles in 1924 and the Hollywood film industry in particular and the production of pop culture at large.

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