Fabien Hein

Doctor in Sociology, Fabien Hein teaches at the University Paul Verlaine in Metz. His work focuses on the practical realities of artistic and cultural practices in the field of popular music. After conducting a comparative sociological study at the National Library of Quebec in Montreal, he also worked at the Interuniversity Research Centre for Québec Literature and Culture (CRILCQ) at Laval University in Quebec. He is a member of the AFS (French Association of Sociology) and IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music).

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Fabien Hein - Le monde du rock - Ethnographie du réel
French edition
Mélanie Seteun - Music and Society (books)
An understanding of rock culture through its networks of actors, tastes, objects, systems, activities and practices.
Fabien Hein - Hard rock, heavy metal, metal - Histoire, cultures et pratiquants
French edition
Mélanie Seteun - Music and Society (books)
sold out
An historical and sociocultural study on metal music, and the first sociological portrait of the movement in France.

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