Patrick Tuttofuoco

Born 1974 in Milan, Patrick Tuttofuoco lives and works in Milan and Berlin. His practice is conceived as a dialogue between individuals and their ability to transform the environment they inhabit, by exploring notions of community and social integration in order to combine immediate sensorial allure with the power to trigger profound theoretical responses. Tuttofuoco melds Modernism and Pop; he presses figuration into abstraction, using man as the paradigm of existence, as the matrix and measuring unit of reality. From this interpretative and cognitive process, infinite versions of man and the context of his existence are produced, from which shapes able to animate the sculptures are generated.
Patrick Tuttofuoco - Autobiography
English edition
Tonini Editore
Autobiography by Patrick Tuttofuoco is a visual consideration through the artist's eye about his autobiographical exhibition "like they were eternal" held in Milan at Schiavo Zoppelli Gallery. The collages and the images in the book were created by the artist starting from his installations in the space. The text by Umberto Sebastiano is a metephoric interpretation of the show.
Patrick Tuttofuoco - Portraits, Portraits, Portraits
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
Mousse - Mousse Publishing (books)
The first fifteen years of Patrick Tuttofuoco's career in 16 written portraits.
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