Cameron Jamie

Born 1969 in Los Angeles, Cameron Jamie lives and works in Paris. Taking its inspiration from the social fabric of America's suburban underclasses, his protean oeuvre transfigures popular and underground aesthetic codes. The artist made his reputation with performances, films, photographs and installations, but his recent ceramic sculptures are a threedimensional extension of the drawings he has been producing since early in the new millennium.
Cameron Jamie has had many exhibitions and retrospectives, notably at Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), MIT List Visual Arts Center (Cambridge), the Centre Pompidou and Quai Branly Museum (Paris), MoMA (New York) and Kunsthalle Zurich.
Cameron Jamie - Front Lawn Funerals and Cemeteries
English edition
Edition Patrick Frey
America's decoration frenzy: graveyard cemeteries, ghosts, guillotines, skeletons in coffins, dismembered body parts, giant spiders... Halloween horror-themed scenes shot at daylight (artist's book).
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