Uri Aran

The themes found in the work of Uri Aran (born 1977 in Israel, lives and works in New York) include the interrogation and redefinition of structures and models of communication, the material world, and interpersonal relationships. His visually idiosyncratic and disconcerting videos, drawings, assemblages, texts, and sculptures hover on the boundary between the familiar and the strange. Aran's narratives revolve around longing, identity, home, the everyday, sentimentality, and sadness, as well as dislocation and displacement. By superimposing different temporal axes, linguistic structures, and material categories, he reconstructs, extends, and manipulates the idea of what constitutes a story, and subverts existing genres and hierarchies. In his work Aran explores humor, poetics, and the manipulation of popular objects, and triggers feelings associated with them, while simultaneously prompting viewers to doubt these objects, their relationships to them, and their own experiences.
Uri Aran -
bilingual edition (English / German)
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First monograph.
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