Jozef Wouters

Jozef Wouters (born 1986) is a scenographer. Making no difference between his work as a stage designer, architect or visual artist, he designs spaces that are shaped by negotiation. Always starting from a specific context, his scenographies often attempt to focus the gaze of an audience. Jozef Wouters wants to build strategic spaces that express a clear desire. This was already the case with TOREN / een voorstelling voor pendelaars (2009), and ATELIER (a scenography in 2011 and 2012, for Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods). Over the years, Wouters has often been building structures and situations with a middle, a purposefully constructed center for attention, action and communication. In 2013, for Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, Wouters designed such a space and attached it with a bridge to the Museum of Natural Sciences to temporarily serve as an extra wing. In the exhibition All problems can never be solved (2012, KVS), a project about the problem-solving ability of architecture in a social housing district in Brussels, Wouters looked at models as carriers of desire and as proposals for discussion. One could say his works are always scale models, even when build on scale 1:1.

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Jozef Wouters - All Problems Can Never Be Solved
English edition
A book about a fictional architecture office in a modernist social housing complex in Brussels, where real architects and locals worked together to make scale models: a reflection on scale models as spaces of negotiation, on maquettes as places where the desire of the architect is visible without the compromises of reality.
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