Luca Trevisani

Luca Trevisani (born 1979 in Verona, lives and works in Berlin and Bologna) is one of the young Italian artists who came to prominence at the international level. His research ranges between sculpture and video, and cross border disciplines such as performing arts, graphics, design, cinema of research or architecture.
Luca Trevisani - Walking loaves
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
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An artist book by Luca Trevisani, overwriting in the mode of a palimpsest Piero Camporesi's Bread of Dreams, an Italian cult classic of "food" anthropology.
Luca Trevisani - Grand Hotel et des Palmes
bilingual edition (English / Spanish)
(last copies available!)
Luca Trevisiani stamps images derived from antique herbaria and design magazines on objects with heterogeneous surfaces (textiles, clothing, tropical leaves, minerals).
Luca Trevisani - The Art of Folding for Young and Old
Cura. - Cura.books
sold out
Artist's book based on a Chinese book of origami and paper folding.
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