Giovanni Donadini (born 1979 in Treviso, lives and works in Milan) aka Canedicoda blends art, music, fashion and creating environments to an interest in the practical manual that comes from research on materials and products. Under the pseudonym of Ottaven, Canedicoda is also active in the field of music and carries out research on the sound, and the body as a medium of expression of actions and situations created by the music through repetitive gestures of performative matrix.

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 Canedicoda - Adagio con buccia
English edition
Artist designer Canedicoda built a a temporary tailor's atelier, where clothes were build directly onto the visitors' bodies. Conceived halfway between a journal and an inventory, this publication documents each phase of the project, collects pictures of the 100 actual garments, as well as participants' feedbacks.
 Canedicoda - Canedicoda at Le Dictateur - Aero Invisible Giants (vinyl EP)
Le Dictateur Press - Artists' books & editions / catalogues
A droony ambient join venture between Le Dictateur and artist/musician/fashion designer Canedicoda (ultra-limited edition).

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