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The Philosophy of Nietzsche

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Lecture I Transcendental Philosophy as the horizon of Nietzsche's “Transvaluation of all values”
Lecture II From the a priori forms of knowledge to“the Will to Power as Knowledge”
Lecture III From truth as “the critical question” to tragic truth
Lecture IV From the transcendental illusion to the negation of reflection
Lecture V Nihilism and the relation of thinking to knowing
Lecture VI The phenomenology of the Will to Power
Lecture VII Play and chance in the “Formations of domination”
Lecture VIII The destruction of teleology and the critique of morality
Lecture IX The Eternal Recurrence as Transvaluation of Time
Lecture X “I delivered all things from their bondage under Purpose”
Lecture XI Nietzsche's project of radical enlightenment
Lecture XII “What is to be done?” Thinking as liberation
Lecture XIII Heraclitean “justice”

Iconographic Appendix
Editor's Afterword
Tentative Chronology of Reiner Schürmann's Courses at the New School for Social Research
Lecture Notes of Reiner Schürmann at the NSSR—Pierre Adler's Inventory (1994)
Editorial Statement
Reiner Schürmann: other titles

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