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Difference and RepetitionA Musical Evocation Of Gilles Deleuze (2 vinyl LP)

Palo Alto - Difference and Repetition
Palo Alto pays tribute to Gilles Deleuze in a dazzling, radical and political concept album (featuring Richard Pinhas, Thierry Zaboitzeff of Art Zoyd, Alain Damasio and Rhys Chatham).
This new album (the tenth in their discography) was born from two ambitions: to pay tribute to Soft Machine's Third on form (4 sides / 4 titles) and to philosopher Gilles Deleuze (Difference and Repetition is the title of his thesis) on the contents. The 4 long pieces of this double concept album were developed over 2 years and each has a different style and climate. Bold and kaleidoscopic, Difference and Repetition perfectly synthesizes the musical and literary obsessions of Palo Alto.
Also available on CD.
Palo Alto is a legendary French experimental band formed in 1989 in Paris by Jacques Barbéri, Denis Frajerman, Philippe Masson and Philippe Perreaudin. Palo Alto released his first album (a cassette) on the Italian label Old Europa Cafe in 1990. The band is now composed of Jacques Barbéri (also a science fiction author), Laurent Pernice (ex-member of the French industrial band Nox) and Philippe Perreaudin (also coordinator of several compilations and reissues: Legendary Pink Dots, Un Département, Nino Ferrer Revisited, Ptôse, Hardy Fox). Literature, and particularly science fiction, is a leitmotiv in the band's work. Antoine Volodine, Thomas Pynchon, Philip K. Dick, Lewis Carroll or J. G. Ballard have been invoked many times. In recent years, Palo Alto has multiplied musical collaborations with, among others, The Residents, Ptôse, Klimperei, Tuxedomoon... From industrial music to inextricable electronic ramifications, by making a detour through improvisation, the musical universe of Palo Alto is multifaceted.
published in December 2020
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