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Mad Among The Mad (CD)

Thymolphthalein - Mad Among The Mad (CD)
Six audio explorations for mixed electro-acoustic quintet.
Mad Among The Mad is the definitive document of six incredible electro-acoustic instrumental works performed by Thymolphthalein, following up their 2011 cult Editions Mego debut Ni Maître, Ni Marteau. Featuring compositions and improvisations written collaboratively by the group, this disc has been meticulously recorded over 4 European cities, capturing the band at their peak. Includes 16 page booklet with essays and interviews.
A Franco-Australian quintet active 2009-2013, Thymolphthalein (Natasha Anderson: contrabass recorder/computer; Will Guthrie: drums/percussion; Jérôme Noetinger: ReVox/electronics; Anthony Pateras: piano/Wurlitzer/modular synthesizer; Clayton Thomas: double bass) worked in the field of live instrumental electro-acoustic music. Employing organizational frameworks stemming from open-form 20th/21st century composition, rhythmically-geared outsider electronics and systematized improvisational strategies, this is the music of the possible.
published in 2015
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