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Matters of Listening (CD)

 - Matters of Listening (CD)
A sound composition based on a workshop focusing on questions of sound, listening, collaboration, and community.
Matters of Listening took place as a workshop and public event held at the Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende, Santiago de Chile, on June 30, 2019. Focusing on questions of sound, listening, collaboration, and community, the workshop developed as an explorative gathering for sharing, discussing, and making together: to pull from the closets and backrooms various materials and objects, constructing assemblages within the space to act as an expanded instrument – improvisations in sounding listening cooperating. Through such a process, the formation of a shared space and time was fostered by way of the matters of sound and listening. Here, the acoustic dimensions of being-in-common (the resonances and reverberations of sociality, the rhythms and reflections of being in place, of hearing and being heard) are punctuated and performed, to give way to a compositioning of radical togetherness.
The workshop was organized and facilitated by Fernando Pérez Villalón, Brandon LaBelle, and Soledad García Saavedra, and included the participation of Ana María Briede, Mónica Bate, Federico Eisner, Gregorio Fontaine, Andrés Grumann, Matías Serrano, Bárbara Molina, Jessica Figueroa, Ignacia Biskupovic, Mauricio Barría, Carla Ansaldi, Sybil Bintrup, Samuel Ibarra, Josefina de la Maza, Agustín González, Mabel Olea, Aurora Eisner, Sofía Downey, and more.
published in October 2020
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