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Extra MurosKenya (vinyl LP)

 - Extra Muros
Seven musicians and producers from East Africa and Europe experiment on new sounds together, inspired by a large variety of artistic environments and soundscapes.
Extra Muros – Kenya is the result of the creative residency program organized by FLEE in September 2019 in Nairobi at the Elephant Studio. For three weeks, seven musicians and producers from all over the world and from Kenya came together to produce and to create this unique sound that emerged from a large variety of artistic environments and soundscapes. This compilation is a statement of intercultural music production in the digital age.
Extra Muros is a creative residency program for experimental electronic music artists from all over the world that finds place once a year in changing locations (2019 Kenya, 2020 Italy, 2021 Bulgaria, 2022 Persian Gulf). In a temporary music studio equipped with SMEM gear, artists meet and produce together working on new sonorities and productions that will be then released on vinyl.
With Pier Alfeo, Flexfab, Jinku, Karun, KMRU, Slikback, Tite.
published in July 2020
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