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Archives sonores de la poésie
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  Archives sonores de la poésie
Edited by Abigail Lang, Michel Murat and Céline Pardo.
Texts by Charles Bernstein, Serguei Bernstein, Patrick Beurard-Valdoy, Camille Bloomfield, Vincent Broqua, Olivier Brossard, Heiata Julienne, Daniel Kane, Abigail Lang, Reinhart Meyer-Kalkus, Will Montgomery, Michel Murat, Chris Mustazza, Céline Pardo, Jean-François Puff, Anne-Christine Royère, Gaëlle Théval.
publication expected in 2019
French edition
ISBN: 978-2-37896-052-0
EAN: 9782378960520
A collection of essays on audio archives of poetry.
In literate cultures poetry addresses both eye and ear. But sound recording technologies have provided poetry with a new medium. The poetry recordings accumulated over a hundred years are numerous and extremely heterogeneous, both in terms of carriers (mechanical, magnetic, optical, digital) and sources (phonographic collections, radio and television broadcasts, reading series, private collections…). Audio archives of poetry need to be preserved, catalogued, disseminated and analyzed. Bringing together contributions by international scholars as well as two founding texts translated into French this collection lays the foundations for such a project and calls for an oral turn in literary studies.