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Studio_L28Sonic Perspectives on Urbanism

Studio_L28 Caroline Claus - Studio_L28
A multifaceted examination of sound as a central feature in urban planning.
Though sound is a central feature within urban life, it still receives little to no attention within processes of urban planning. The main difficulty in integrating sound is that it remains largely immeasurable—decibel levels say little about whether a sound is wanted or not, intrusive or welcome.
Studio_L28 – Sonic Perspectives on Urbanism hooks into the debate here, experimenting with tools and strategies of observation, mapping, and planning. By mixing research practices from theoretical, professional, and artistic fields, the publication argues for an integration of sound in urban planning that is multifaceted, versatile, and keenly observed.
Caroline Claus is a Brussels-based urban (sound) researcher. Her work concentrates on issues of space, place and culture, the geography of lifeworlds, sonic experience and the design of urban acoustic environments. Acoustic ecology theory and the avant-garde output of independent electronic record labels provide the conceptual and methodological basis for a transdisciplinary research on the role of sonic vibrations in public urban space development. Through participatory soundwalks and sonic cartography, she investigates sound's potential and of all practices sound-related, for urban transition. She has long term experience in supporting organizations in the social sphere in their organization of outreach-based community involvement in Brussels urban development processes. As a consultant she has contributed to the design of transitory processes for new railway park/ places in the western part of the Brussels-Capital Region. Caroline studied sociology, and urbanism and spatial planning and is currently doing a PhD at the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Brussels.
Edited by Julia Eckhardt.
Introduction by Julia Eckhardt.
Interviews with Peter Cusack, Flavien Gillié, Robin Koek, Burak Pak by Caroline Claus and Julia Eckhardt.

Graphic design: Bureau Adriaan Tas.

Published with the Public school for architecture Brussels.
published in November 2018
English edition (texts in French and Dutch)
16,6 x 23,6 cm (softcover)
80 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-90-826-4953-6
EAN : 9789082649536
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Studio_L28 Studio_L28 Studio_L28 Studio_L28 Studio_L28 Studio_L28 Studio_L28

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