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Inferno #07

 - Inferno #07
Louise Bourgeois, Adel Abdessemed, Jan Fabre, Judy Chicago, Andres Serrano, Sara Favriau, Camille Henrot, Tino Sehgal, reviews of Angélica Liddell and Nadia Lauro plays, Brussels Kunstenfestival, festival d'Avignon, festival TransAmeriques…
Inferno is a a half yearly magazine on contemporary art, today scene and contemporary literature, born in 2013 in its paper version.
Inferno is an art review with no equivalent in the contemporary cultural landscape: inquisitive and agitated, transfrontiers and transversal, irrigated by the thought and the works that turn the world upside down. Inferno answers a contemporaneity—this “distance without a waiting period”—that wonders and goes forward, with the artists, with all of us. The magazine reflects the most disturbing forms and ideas everywhere they are born and expand, in Europe and far beyond.
A contemporary art and scene, but also “attitudes” magazine, because Inferno believes in the emergence of a new thought, able to unbolt the frontiers both mental and physical, capable to open on new creative and intellectual landscapes. A thought whose artists—in the broad meaning of the word—are the actors and the passers-on, in a world in complete (r)evolution.
published in August 2016
bilingual edition (English / French)
20,5 x 27,5 cm (softcover)
336 pages (color ill.)
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